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‘Challenging You To Be Successful!’

Finalist 'SME Business Awards 2021'

Winner 'Corporate Vision Magazine Coaching Elite 2018'

Winner 'International Coaching Award 2015 Small Business Coach of the Year'

Mobile: 07766 664 564
Office: 01277 362 948

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‘Challenging You To Be Successful!’

Winner 'Corporate Vision Magazine Coaching Elite 2018'

Winner 'International Coaching Award 2015 Small Business Coach of the Year'

Finalist 'Outstanding Growth Coach of the Year 2014' for GrowthAccelerator

What can Coaching Dynamics do for YOUR business?

Is your business achieving its potential? Would it benefit from help with the following?

  • Planning a clear and achievable strategic growth path for a profitable future?
  • Driving it forward instead of fire-fighting?
  • Empowering your management team or staff to take ownership of their responsibilities?
  • Bringing in new clients and servicing existing ones better to increase profits?
  • Being more efficient, effective and pro-active with time to achieve what’s necessary?
  • Developing those business ideas that you will ‘get round to’ or brainstorming new ideas?

Every business has to grow and evolve otherwise it stands still or, worse, goes backwards.

Coaching Dynamics is an independent, internationally award-winning business, experienced in helping businesses grow and be successful.

Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics is an internationally award-winning expert in helping businesses grow and be successful, as her clients happily give testament to on this website.

We invite you to take a few moments to watch the video above to see how Coaching Dynamics could help your business.

If you have any questions at all, please do contact us for a complimentary and no-obligation chat.

If you are inspired, excited and ready to take the next step, Contact Coaching Dynamics today.

Is your business ready for some serious growth?

Business growth with Coaching Dynamics
Answer YES to every question below and your business could be ready for serious growth:
  • Are you an established business trading for 2+ years?
  • Do you employ between 5 - 100 people?
  • Do you have finance in your business to invest in growth innovations?
  • Are you willing to put time and resources into making growth happen?
If you are a driven ambitious business let Coaching Dynamics work with you to achieve your strategic growth ambitions.

What can DISC Personality Profiling do for you?

DISC personality profiling
DISC Personality Profiling is a proven tool used by Coaching Dynamics to help you:
  • Understand the way YOU do business
  • Ensure YOUR TEAMS work to their strengths
  • RECRUIT the right person for your team's dynamics
  • MOTIVATE your colleagues
DISCover more about how this dynamic resource can benefit your business by learning more about DISC personality profiling.

Would you like a proactive Management Team?

Management Team Coaching
Your Management Team is key to business success and growth:
  • Would you like motivated and inspired Managers in your business?
  • Is your Management Team as effective as you would wish?
  • Do your Managers have all the skills required to lead?
  • It is important to have effective leaders you can rely on.
Your Management Team should be leading the field and setting company standard. Learn how by vewing our management team coaching services.
Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics is a Coaching Academy Licenced Trainer    Federation of Small Businesses

"Coaching Dynamics has not only reshaped how I manage my team and workload, they gave me the confidence to stand tall and know my voice mattered."

Emma Marshall, FD
Pulse Cinemas Limited